Damage Arc Flash Causes

arc flash hazard analysis

To get this out of the way before anyone loses interest. Injuries abound when you allow an arc flash to cross your path. The arc flash can cause the temporary loss of eyesight. It can cause the temporary loss of a limb. It can shock you. In a majority of cases, arc flashes happen so quickly that workers or technicians very close to the area where such incidents occur would hardly notice a thing. The arc flash comes and goes within a split second.

But any worker or technician can be caught in the crossfire if you will could be hard done by. And of course, it does not need to happen. If your production or manufacturing premises has a high level of electrical installations as part of its working infrastructure then a regular risk management inspection, focusing on the performance of an arc flash hazard analysis stands you in good stead.

You are well placed to secure your business. You will have a good performance record of minimal to no injuries in the workplace. Your insurance handler could also end up feeling generous once news gets out that you are making good use of this responsible practice. The least he can do is not increase your next year’s premiums. Nevertheless, by making full use of the arc flash hazard analysis, you’ll be cutting your losses quite extensively down the line.

Not cutting corners, cutting losses. There is a big difference. And it is frightening to note that so many businesses fail to realize the consequences of taking chances. Not only are they risking the loss of their business, they are risking lives. Was it not mentioned earlier then? The worst that could happen if a severe arc flash were to occur is that someone could die.