The Surprising Benefits of Radio Frequencies

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While many people don’t know what radio frequencies are, they certainly know what they are used for! Radio frequencies are a type of microwave frequency used in communication, electronics, medicine, and of course, radios themselves.

Satellites and televisions all work on radio waves and this helps the electronic devices talk to one another. The radio waves are beamed up towards satellites and then bounced back to antennas on earth, then are sent through people’s devices. The speakers are vibrated and then the sound is produced.

That’s why our radios and TV’s can tune into shows that are all around the Earth with no trouble at all. In addition, astronauts also use radio astrology to scan space, able to see stars and other phenomena and even send signals out to any other life in space.

Radio waves in medicine

MRI’s use a combination of magnets and radio waves to scan the human body, and a procedure known as radiofrequency ablation uses the heat of the waves for various treatments such as treating sleeping disorders or tightening sagging skin.

They can even be used as therapy to promote healing and relaxation, by using heat to relax the body and cauterize blood vessels.

Other Uses

The study of radio waves and how they are used also comes into play when people study microwaves, a hybrid coupler, and circuits to name a few examples.

Without a deep understanding of what makes radio waves work, advancements in the fields of communication, medicine, and even fields such as power and construction, just wouldn’t have happened.

They still are being used today, and with the advancements that humans are making in the fields of communication and electronics, it doesn’t look like the importance of radio frequencies will be going away anytime soon.